Faxes sent to this number are copied to the desktop of each member of staff, to ensure prompt attention, and simultaneously sent to our fax archive.
The fax archive serves as a back-up store and is a central database of all faxes received for easy searching and retrieval

The fax number was activated within minutes and the desired configuration was established very quickly, distribution of all faxes is via email.
We are so impressed with the service provided by PopFax.com that we have placed a link below, so that you can access all of their details directly.

Apart from the flexibility of handling received faxes, each member of our team can send faxes from their laptops, wherever they are.

PopFax does not require a dedicated telephone line - so we even save on the cost of line rental.

If you desire further details of how we distribute incoming faxes to multiple email addresses or assistance setting up this arrangement for yourself, please create a support ticket here

Some of our clients were impressed by the service offered by PopFax and our enthusiasm, however they were not happy using the PopFax web interface.
Not a problem. We wrote a small utility, offering a simple to use interface to the PopFax service, our utility also provides an optional cover note for the documents that you are sending, as well as a record on your own computer of everything that you have sent and when. Sometimes you just need to send a quick note via fax - our utility does that too!

Oh, one last thing, we will let you have a copy for FREE - just ask here